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In recent years, Pilates has become increasingly popular and is widely offered in gyms, sports centres and physiotherapy clinics. At PERSONAL PILATES  we strive to adhere to the practice of Classical/Authentic Pilates, Joseph Pilates's original work.

There are several factors which allow us to do this:
- Highly trained pilates professionals who regularly attend training courses to keep up-to-date with the latest Pilates trends.
- Reduced class size (a maximum of 6 students).
Use of apparatus and equipment built to the original specifications of Joseph Pilates.

The benefits of Pilates:
- Increased core strength and stabilization and an ability to use this strength in daily activities.
- Muscle toning.
- Increased flexibility.
- Improvement of joint mobility.
- Strengthening of the back.
- Increased body and mind control.
- Improved balance.

At Personal Pilates we offer an all-round, structured physical workout. Thanks to the extensive number of exercises, Pilates is suitable for both those who have and have not done physical exercise before.