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What are the main Course Components?

- Teaching Practice

The practical nature of the TESOL Certificate course is emphasised from the very beginning. Trainees are divided into teaching practice groups on the first day, and their teaching practice begins in the first week. Each group is assigned a practice class of real students and a teaching practice tutor. A feedback session where your tutor discusses the lesson with you and gives you guidance follows each teaching practice session. During the TESOL Certificate course you will teach two different levels, usually Beginners and Pre-Intermediate.

Assessment on Teaching Practice is continuous and is based on your classroom teaching as well as your ability to reflect effectively on your own teaching and the teaching of other professionals.

- Tutor Input Sessions

This is a very practical course where you learn through “doing” and getting involved. This is achieved by the tutors adopting a workshop approach where the tutor is a facilitator and the trainees are active participants.

- Teaching Skills

All the elements of the course are designed to enhance your teaching skills in the classroom and during the course you will have the opportunity to acquire and practise a wide range of teaching skills found in current English Language Teaching. All the activities and areas covered are of immediate practical value for planning your teaching practice lessons. Video is used in some sessions on the TESOL Certificate course and observation of experienced APP teaching staff and students provides further insights into lesson planning, staging and management.

- Language Awareness

These sessions cover areas of vocabulary, grammar and phonology and are designed to provide trainees with a basic working knowledge of these subjects and how to teach them effectively. The majority of native English speakers are very apprehensive about this part of the course as they may have never studied the grammar of their own language. However, it is also the part of the course which trainees usually find the most rewarding.

- Learning an Unknown Language

During the TESOL Certificate course, you will participate in four language lessons, each of 1 hour duration, in a language you have no prior experience of.  These lessons will be taught completely in the language itself without recourse to English. This helps you put yourself in the position of a basic level learner of English and to experience communicative language teaching at first hand. Languages taught are Romanian and Arabic.

- Written Assignments

You will need to complete the following written assignments during the course:

• Unknown Language Journal: a record and reflection of your learning experience.

• A Learner Profile: a case study of one of your students with a diagnosis of their language difficulties.

• A Materials Assignment: a project where you create and evaluate original material used with your learners.

• A Teaching Practice Journal: A record of your TP sessions including self-evaluation and reflection.

• An Observation Journal: based on observing an experienced teacher during 4 classes.

• A language awareness written exam to be completed in your own time during the course, which will test your knowledge of vocabulary, grammar and phonology and reflect the main content of the relevant input sessions.

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