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What does the Pre-Course Task involve?

Most native speakers of English use the language effectively but are unaware of how their own grammar works – in most cases this is because it has not been taught!This task is designed to give you some initial orientation and should not be regarded as a test. However, it is an opportunity for you to do some research to be able to answer the questions set. It is important to remember that this task will be reviewed and referred to during the course. Your work will therefore be checked but it will NOT be marked.

The function of this task is therefore to raise your awareness of terminology and issues associated with the study of English grammar, vocabulary and phonology. Below is an outline of the contents of the Pre-Course Task:

1. Language Analysis
    a. Parts of Speech

    b. Verb Tenses

2. Phonology

    a. An introduction to the phonemic chart

    b. Same letters, different pronunciation

3. Vocabulary

    a. Dictionary activities

    b. Words with multiple meanings

    c. Collocations

4. A simple research task

5. A personal Learning Style Survey

6. A Language Attitude Questionnaire

7. ELT methodologies – viewing videoclips of a variety of teaching methodologies

8. Specific reading

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